Drag-and-drop your way to the impact you’re looking for.

The Schoolyard Builder is a powerful visual editor that lets you see and manipulate the structure as well as the content of your page. You can set sections, rows, and columns that you then fill with content of all kinds — text, images, carousels, video, icons, blockquotes, and more.

Whenever you’re logged in and working on a Builder page, you’ll see useful little menu bars populating the page. These let you choose, edit, duplicate, remove, or save your layout components.

Builder menu
Schoolyard Builder Callouts

When you create a new layout or component that seems particularly useful, you can save it as a template. That template will then be available to you elsewhere on that same page or on any other page of your site.

Let’s say you create a photo/caption block you like...

single component

It couldn’t be easier to duplicate it and change the content. Save as a template and you can re-use the component any time you want a photo/caption. It’s a simple way to create elegant consistency across your pages.

three components

We’d love to show you more. Read about the Schoolyard process, browse our design and storytelling resources, and schedule a demo today!

Schoolyard Builder Component Library

Your Schoolyard site comes pre-loaded with a number of full-page templates, which you can use as-is or “deconstruct” to pick and choose any element you find on the page. You also have access to the uber-quick Component Library, which offers you pre-made components to drag, drop, and restyle.

component 1
component 6
component 7
component 3
component 5
component 2