Schoolyard helps schools create a compelling web experience. Because you’re building more than just a website.

You’re building a feeling.

A website does more than just convey information about your school. It gives visitors an emotional impression — like fingers in clay. What’s the impression you want to leave in your audience? A striking presentation is important, but it’s just a start. Creating a truly successful website means making sure the web experience reflects the values, personality, and unique identity of your school. The Schoolyard process helps you think through what you want and need to say, and the Schoolyard Builder makes it easy to put those messages into action.

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You’re building relationships.

As you shape and fill your website, you’ll be thinking about how to serve each one of your many constituencies. Are you looking to capture the attention of prospective parents, students, or both? What’s the best way to engage alumni, or prospective faculty? How about grandparents and other friends of the school who might want to make a donation? Offering the right amount of information, so you inform but don’t overwhelm your visitors, is as important as the information itself.

You’re building momentum.

These days, so much of our daily business is being conducted via the web. People expect to get most of their information online, and to get it swiftly. Making sure your site stays fresh, relevant, and easy to access is key for attracting new families, spreading the word about the good you do, and growing support for new initiatives, campaigns, and other development goals. A Schoolyard website gives you the tools to create a smart, streamlined experience that elicits the responses you seek.

Schoolyard Builder

The Schoolyard process helps give you insight. The drag-and-drop Schoolyard Builder lets you turn insight into action.

The Schoolyard Builder is a powerful visual editor that lets you create and manipulate elements until you get just the result you’re looking for. Learn more >

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