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inRESONANCE, the leading provider of open-customizable database solutions, is thrilled to announce our acquisition of Schoolyard—the open-source web design company that builds beautiful, nimble, state-of-the-art websites for schools.

What does that mean for our clients, old and new? Even more functionality, even smoother integration, even better support. Get control over your own data… get the latest features on your own website. This is the workflow you’ve wanted. This is technology the way you’ve wished it could be. Now that’s great thinking.

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Going Mobile.

Every Schoolyard site is built in Responsive Design
at no additional cost.

The future of school websites?

It‘s not just a tagline; it’s reality.
Our sites are built today the way all school sites will be built tomorrow.

Schoolyard’s system is built in

Every Ivy League University and 26% of all .edu domains are running Drupal.

“Why hasn’t every school hired Schoolyard?”

“Because they haven’t heard of us... yet.”

Our monthly service plan.

Schoolyard's service plan includes several features and due to the cost benefits of open source, is priced at a fraction of the proprietary alternatives.